1. The services provided by, the order of their provision
    • In website you choose an item, mention the address in which it must be delivered, phone number, also additional information, if it is needed. In any case, having home/phone number our driver would be able to contact you, if needed.
  2. Delivery procedure
    • The cost of delivery is drams. Delivery time changes periodically depending on the number of orders and other conditions. Delivery time may differ from actual delivery time.
  3. Payment methods
    • Payment for the order in is made in several ways.
    • Cash: This means that you pay for the delivery of the product you ordered when receiving the order in cash. The sender provides your cash register receipt. If for any reason you have not been provided with a cash register receipt, you must notify us immediately.
    • Idram online payment system
    • When making any payment by card, you confirm that you are a legal user of the card / cardholder, other authorized user / and have all the authority to make a transaction. Account holders registered on the site and the cardholder are solely responsible for all monetary liabilities to the company. At the request of the company, depending on the type and quantity of order the amount, other additional guarantees may be required prior to delivery if the paying cardholder and/ or the registered user is not identified or they are different persons.
  4. Cash payment terms
    • Cash payment is made upon receipt of the order. Our shipper reserves the right to return the delivered goods if the customer offers to pay for it later.
    • Cash payments in dollars or other currencies are not accepted as they contradict the RA legislation.
    • The prices of the goods presented on the site are final and include all taxes. Prices may be changed unilaterally by the company.
  5. Responsibility of the site
    • The order placed on is an offer made by you to the Company to buy or receive any product through delivery.
    • By accepting the product after it has been delivered by the shipper, you confirm the absence of any objections to the quantitative or qualitative properties of the product.
    • The Company is released from liability for non-performance or deferred performance of its obligations if it is due to reasons beyond our control.
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